1. You must be 18 years or older to play or purchase Paper Pull-Tab tickets or Electronic Pull-Tab Credits.
2. You will need to present a government issued ID to obtain a handheld device for Electronic Pull-tabs.
3. No checks accepted – CASH ONLY. Please use ATM.
4. Winning Paper Pull-Tab tickets must be redeemed immediately.
5. We are not responsible for any unredeemed or missing pull-tab tickets.
6. Winning tickets from a previous deal cannot be redeemed after a new deal has been put into play.
7. Winners of $100 or more or a Last Sale Prize will be required to show a valid picture I.D. and must sign a Prize Receipt for paper pull-tabs. A Prize Receipt is NOT needed for any winning amount on Electronic Pull-tabs.
8. Anyone presenting an altered or fraudulent winning Paper or Electronic ticket will be prosecuted.
9. Defective tickets cannot be exchanged if opened.
10. No “holding” or “freezing” games. Pull-tab sellers cannot help a player open pull-tab tickets.
11. Insider information not allowed. Pull-tab sellers may not provide information to players concerning remaining winners.
12. All Paper and Electronic Pull-Tab tickets must be opened and redeemed on premises during regular business hours.
13. Credit play is prohibited on Paper Pull-Tabs.
14. In the event of a power failure all Electronic Pull-Tab devices must be returned to the POS immediately to be cashed out.
15. Any Electronic device that does not have active play for more than 30 minutes may be removed from play and cashed out by the seller.
16. Electronic Pull-Tab devices are considered gambling equipment and it is a prosecutable offense to take them from the premises or damage them.
17. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
18. Illegal Gambling is prohibited.
1. You must be 18 years or older to play Linked Bingo. A government issued ID must be presented in order to obtain a handheld device.
2. $3 buy-in gets you 9 cards for each of the 3 games on the handheld device.
3. CASH sales only. Players are limited to ONE device per person.
4. All buy-ins are final when activated by the player.
5. Players must “Activate the Bingo Game” at the start of each bingo game.
6. All payouts below $599 will be paid by the Charity.
7. All Winning Credits over $599.00 must be claimed at the point of sale and will not be available for play. The charity will fax or email the signed Linked Bingo Prize Receipt, the winning card printout and the original Cash Receipt to EGS’s office the next day. You will have to fill out a Linked Bingo Prize Form and will receive payment from EGS via ACH deposit or check within 72 hours. Any fees associated with the ACH deposit or check processing will be the responsibility of the player.
8. All prize payouts will be split if more than one player wins a game.
9. All winning Bingos must have the last number called.
10. Only one winning pattern per card face is allowed per game part.
11. The Progressive Jackpot will be frozen when it reaches $74,000.00.
12. If a player wins the Progressive Jackpot they will also win the Consolation Prize for that game.
13. If a Linked Bingo Device is inactive for more than one set of games the operator of the Linked Bingo Game may remove the device from the player.
14. Any form of ILLEGAL GAMBLING is strictly prohibited.
15. In the case of a power outage or communication failure from the location in the middle of a game any buy ins for the Linked Bingo Game will NOT be refunded. Any player winning a Linked Bingo Game during a power outage or communication failure after they “Activated the Bingo Game” on their handset will be paid according to the rules listed above for that one bingo game once the outage or communication failure is resolved.
16. The Linked Bingo Game may be cancelled at a location for any of the following reasons: • Power Outage • Loss of Communication with the Server • POS System Malfunction You may obtain a copy of the Bingo Rules & Statutes by calling the MN Bookstore at 612-297-3000 or 1-800-65703757.